Sure I have motivation! I just left it in my other purse

I believe the biggest challenge I face as I try new things is not stalling out. It seems like I start a project and, as long as I feel like I’m making progress, I can move forward. However, the first time I hit a snag that take more than a day to overcome, I get a visit from my old friend, Inertia. It is hard to find the motivation to pick up keep going. It doesn’t help that I have a bit of a wandering eye when it comes to projects. Actually, I think it is more akin to Attention Deficit Project Disorder. Any project that takes more than a few days is in danger of getting bumped by the next thing that catches my eye.

I have made it a goal for this next year to not give in to my ADPD. In fact, I actually want to go back and revisit some stalled projects. I have made peace with the fact that I have taken my alligator purse as far as I can with the tools that I now own.

Alligator embossed bag

My first adventure

Perhaps one day, I will get a sewing machine that can do the top-stitching through the layers. When that time comes, I will bring it back out and finish triumphantly! For now, I am content and consider it complete.

With that decided, I took a look around for UFOs (unfinished objects) hiding in corners and closets. Guess what I found lurking!

Wool purse: crocheted and felted

Wool purse: crocheted and felted

This is a bag that I started months ago during my “felting” phase. I crocheted it from wool in eight squares: four for the front and four for the back joined with a gray band. Once assembled, I threw it in the washer for several cycles until satisfied with the degree of felting. I shaped it around a box and allowed it to dry. The handle is one long crocheted strip – also felted. That’s how far I got before I stalled.

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to line the bag. At this point, I hadn’t taken any of the classes on Craftsy. In fact, this is before I even know about Craftsy at all. I knew that I didn’t know what I needed to know. I did manage to find a couple of options that I thought would be nice for lining fabrics.

Now was the time. After taking the two classes that demonstrated techniques for making linings, I was finally ready to move ahead. I decided to use the same burgundy satin that I used as the pocket lining on my leather bag. I measured and calculated and put it together.

lining with patch pocket

lining with patch pocket

Because the strap hardware was already attached to the bag exterior making the top edge three layers thick, I decided to simply slip the lining into the exterior and top-stitch it into place instead of using the normal assembly technique. There were a couple of places that the machine balked at the thickness, but it was simple enough to slip stitch those areas. So there you go. One less UFO in my house. I have replaced it with a great comfy bag and found my motivation in the process!


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