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My lesson on enthusiasm

I have to admit that finding out my old sewing machine could successfully sew my leather made me a little giddy – probably because I had been so discouraged with my earlier results. I was anxious to get moving. I

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Courtesy: Threads Magazine “High Octane Clutch” Check out my latest quick-to-make project for Threads magazine and create a clutch with clean lines and a contrast zipper like a racing stripe across the body. Available options…

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New hope

I will freely admit that my last post was a bit of a cliffhanger. That’s how it was, though. I went to bed that night thinking that I was a failure. However, I knew two things: I was not going

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Originally posted on Bag'n-telle:
Credit: photo by Incase Designing a protective bag collection needs to be produced with three things in mind – conveyance, organization and co-ordination. Begin with a super durable fashion fabric for the exterior so that…

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From the heights to the depths

I now had my leather. I also had all of my tools: rotary cutter and cutting mat double stick tape (can’t use pins on leather!) and binder clips skiving tool for thinning the seam areas metal ruler leather sewing machine

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My first leather bag – finding the perfect leather

Now that my mockup was finished, it was time to move on to making a leather bag. I reviewed the class session on how to pick your leather. I really had no idea what to get. All of my memories

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The Practice Run

I now had a creative fire burning inside me. It was time to look for materials. The longer I waited, the more likely that I would make an excuse to do nothing. Fortunately, Christmas was approaching and I was due

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